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Volunteer Support Documents

This folder contains documents relating to the volunteer journey. These will be beneficial at particular points in your journey and some will never be relevant. If you are unsure which document you need for something please ask your Role Coordinator or the Volunteer Manager.

People who are applying to volunteer will need to fill out the Volunteer Enquiry Form and return it to the Volunteer Team at HQ.

BHS Volunteer Enquiry & Registration Form

From 2015 all volunteers were asked to sign a volunteer agreement. These should be returned to the Volunteer Team at HQ and will be kept on file for the duration of your volunteer journey with the BHS

BHS Volunteer Agreement 2018 

Each volunteer should receive a copy of the Volunteer Handbook. This document provides information about the BHS, it's history, vision, mission, the structure of the BHS and our volunteer teams. Its a great way to learn about the Society and the objectives we are all working towards.

Key Contact List for Volunteers 2019/20

A list of the key departments and contact details for each department, you will need throughout your volunteer journey.

Volunteer Handbook


If you are claiming expenses for carrying out duties related to your role please use the form below. As many of our banks have now moved over to Unity Trust Bank they are able to pay expenses by BACS so this new form has taken that into account. 

Volunteer Expense Claim Form 

If you are changing over to Unity Trust Bank or becoming a signatory on your Committee Account HQ will need to carry out references for you. This is just a security measure. 

BHS Bank Signatory References Form 

There are several other roles that may need a reference, your Role Coordinator will usually tell you this before you take on the role and provide the form for you, this is just in case.

BHS Volunteer References Form  

If you are a volunteer in a committee you might consider using an action grid to capture the actions from each meeting. Ideally this would be the Secretary's role. All actions can be captured and emailed to all volunteers after the meeting. You can then refer back to this list at the next meeting and either sign things off as complete or incomplete. This helps keep track of jobs that need to be done and who has agreed to do them. It can also ensure that committees feel they are achieving things and moving forward with their goals. 

Action Grid 

We hope that all BHS volunteers will have an enjoyable time volunteering with the Society, however we are aware that sometimes a volunteer has to make a decision not to continue in their role. This note is just to provide a checklist for any volunteers who are considering resignation.

Volunteer Resignation Guidance Note

1Briefs for International Month_Volunteers (2)

BHS Accident and Near Miss form (simple)

BHS Accident and Near Miss form (complex)



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