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Recent Volunteer Updates

There is regularly new information coming out from HQ and around the Nations and Regions. Although we are always working to improve our communication sometimes we don't manage to reach everyone.This page will be updated regularly and will include any information that has been sent out to volunteers. It will also include information about our yearly surveys and the Monthly Reports that come out from HQ. The information is fine to share around your committee and with other BHS volunteers, but if you would like to make use of it to post on social media or use in any other forum please contact the volunteer team first. Some information on this page may be time sensitive. 

HQ Monthly Reports

Each month HQ prepares a report from across the organisation. These reports cover all areas and departments and provide an insight into the work and impact the BHS is carrying out. These reports will go back six months and be uploaded each month.

September Monthly Report 2018
August Monthly Report 2018
July Monthly Report 2018
June Monthly Report 2018
May Monthly Report 2018
April Monthly Report 2018
March Monthly Report 2018
February Monthly Report 2018
January Monthly Report 2018
December Monthly Report 2017
November Monthly Report 2017

Communications Brief

Periodically the BHS promotes specific campaigns or works to raise awareness about challenges the equestrian community is facing. This can help us create new opportunities to grow our membership, increase awareness both across the equine community and the general public. For example, our Dead Slow campaign was aimed and behaviour change in drivers while our Platinum Year campaign is aimed at raising awareness about the BHS an everything it does.

These campaigns are usually messaged in a particular way to catch the interest of the media. It is important that when we are promoting something everyone involved in the BHS shares a similar message with any members of the press or local interests. If you are ever contacted by the press you should direct them to our HQ Press Office at as explained in the Volunteer Policy and Communications and Social Media Policy (both available on the resources page). 

The briefs below have accompanied these campaigns and are written to advise volunteers on what our key messages are. These are then often followed up by a press coverage report to explain their impact after the campaign is complete (these can be found at the bottom of this page).

Platinum Year Brief 

January: Changing Lives Through Horses Brief

February: Development Team - Communications Brief

March: Safety - Dead Slow Brief

April: Welfare Month Brief

July: Education Month Brief

BHS Volunteer Surveys

Each year the BHS carries out a survey, usually in June, which is National Volunteer's Month. The survey has some questions which stay the same year on year, these help us to track trends and the impact of the work we have been carrying out. Others will be relevant to a particular campaign or department. The findings of the surveys help us determine the priorities for the year, they help us understand our volunteers better and clarify what we need to do build the best volunteer programme possible. 

Below you can find the survey overviews from each year the survey has been carried out. If you have any feedback on the survey or how we can improve it please let the Volunteer Manager know. 

2015 BHS Volunteer Survey Summary 

2016 BHS Volunteer Survey Overview 

2017 BHS Volunteer Survey Overview

Volunteer Newsletters

Each quarter we put out a Volunteer Newsletter. These are a great opportunity to tell our volunteers what different teams have been doing around the country, often there are best practices we can learn from or ideas we can take on locally. Next year's newsletters will come out in March, June, August, October if you have ideas, stories, successes or pictures you think would benefit other committees or you would like to share with other volunteers please do share them with the Volunteer Manager. The newsletter is only as good as it's content so we would really appreciate your input to keep it getting better. 

Nov 2016 Volunteer Newsletter

Feb 2017 Volunteer Newsletter 

May 2017 Volunteer Newsletter 

July 2017 Volunteer Newsletter

Nov 2017 Volunteer Newsletter

Press Coverage

Our PR department works hard to find ways to integrate BHS work and priorities into current stories in the press. This increases the chances of our stories being picked up by the press, both locally and nationwide. Obviously the more coverage we get the more support we receive for our work, from the equestrian community, from the general public but also with government and partners. Below are reports our PR team have created from high profile media campaigns or focus weeks that detail what coverage we have achieved. 

National Safety Week - Running for a week each year in November this is a great opportunity to raise awareness of our Dead or Dead Slow campaign, our Ride Safe Award and many of the challenges equestrians face each day that present potential for danger for humans or horses.

Road Safety Week 2017 Coverage Report 

 Press Coverage for 2017

We had a fantastic year in PR, promoting all areas of our work and the amazing things we do. Please see the below coverage report for 2017 which gives an overview of the achievements over the year. To summarise we had:

  • 425 pieces of press coverage – this is across print, trade, broadcast  and online. This had a total reach of over 167 million people
  • 92 articles in Horse & Hound – this is over print and online
  • The PR team dealt with 165 press enquiries – these range from small requests such as providing statistics to setting up interviews with our spokespeople
  • We had 48 pieces of national coverage 

All of this helps us to raise the public profile of the BHS and promote the fantastic work that everyone is doing. We’d like to thank you for your help with quotes, statistics and information so we can quickly respond to all of our press enquiries. Due to the nature of PR, these are often last minute so thank you to all of our spokespeople who have signed off quotes, provided information or gone ahead for interviews with the media. - From the BHS Press Office

2017 Coverage Report

December BHS Volunteers Month for Platinum Year -‚Äč Coverage report

Volunteers Month December 2017 Coverage 

British Riding Clubs 2017 Coverage

BRC Media Coverage in 2017

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