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Guidance Notes

The BHS Volunteer Guidance Notes were created to provide guidance and support for various roles and situations volunteers might encounter. They have been built using the best practices our volunteers have demonstrated whilst carrying out BHS activities. 

As with the Policies, these documents will be reviewed each November with the goal of keeping them as up-to-date and useful as possible. If you have any suggestions for additional guidance notes or improvements to our current notes please contact the Volunteer Manager.

BHS Committee Meetings Guidance Note 

Many of our volunteers attend committee meetings regularly. These should be chaired by a Chairman or Vice Chairman and conducted in a positive, efficient manner. They are a way for volunteers to connect and discuss what will be the focus of their activities in the coming months. The note below has been created after visiting over 50% of our committees and observing the best practices demonstrated there. They will help Chairmen and their committees make the most of their time together.  

Committee Meetings Guidance Note

Lone Workers Guidance Note

This document will help any of our volunteers who tend to be carrying out their BHS endeavours alone to ensure they have done everything possible to stay safe. Lone working is covered in our Welfare Training programme, but this document would also apply to Access Officers walking a bridleway or Events Officers checking a venue before an event, or any other situation where a volunteer will be spending time alone. 

Lone Working Guidance Note

Committee Events Guidance Note - Presenters and Speakers

This note will be useful to anyone who wants to put on an event with their committee. It goes over how you can find a presenter and what to look for and prepare for. 

Committee Events Guidance Note

Young Volunteer Guidance Note

Young volunteers can be a great addition to any committee but there are different laws surrounding them due to their age. This note will ensure the committee understands these limitations before the volunteer is recruited and can prepare. It also provides guidance on how to make this a successful experience for the young volunteer. 

Young Volunteers Guidance Note

Mentor Guidance Note

Several of our volunteer roles come with the option of having a mentor. This can be a great opportunity to build confidence and knowledge when starting a new role. It is also an excellent opportunity for longer standing volunteers to provide support and share their expertise with new recruits, which can be very rewarding. This note describes how this relationship might work. 

Mentor Guidance Note

Election Guidance Note

Every three years committees hold elections for their Chairman and Vice Chairman roles. However, as we all know each committee is different, as is each volunteer. This note provides some guidelines and support for how these elections could be carried out. Your National/Regional Manager will work with the committee to decide which is the correct kind of election for your team and help you carry that out. 

Election Guidance Note

Problems and Disputes Guidance Note

Unfortunately while everyone works very hard to ensure a positive environment for our volunteers sometimes problems do happen. This guidance note provides some ideas for what to do when problems or disputes occur to try and minimise the damage and resolve the situation as carefully and quickly as possible.

The Volunteer Manager and your National/Regional Manager will be happy to support the committee during these difficult times and can provide support over the phone or attend a meeting if this would be helpful. 

If the situation progresses negatively or escalates then the Volunteer Manager and your National/Regional Manager should be contacted. They will help determine the best move forward, this may require an official complaint to be raised or for action to be taken. In this case the Volunteer Complaints Procedure would be used alongside the Volunteer Problem Solving Procedure, which can be found in the Policies and Procedures part of this webpage.

Problems and Disputes Guidance Note

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