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Volunteers with the BHS who are claiming expenses or using charitable funds to carry out activities within the remit of their role must comply with the BHS Constitution (See Terms of Reference Page) and the Financial Regulations, as set by the BHS Financial Committee and Trustees. Below you will find the key documents that relate to volunteers and finance.  

Financial Regulations

The financial activities of our BHS volunteers and volunteer committees are governed by the Financial Regulations, a document completed with the BHS Financial Committee and Trustees. These regulations describe the rules for how BHS funds must be kept, tracked and used and must be read and followed by all BHS Treasurers, if relevant Treasurers can read the Regulations to the committee to ensure everyone understands the rules and expectations around charitable funds.

Financial Regulations For BHS Volunteer Committees 


All BHS volunteers are entitled to claim the expenses they have incurred during the course of their BHS volunteer role. Any activities which may incur a cost should be discussed with the committee and Role Coordinator before being incurred to ensure there are sufficient funds available. Expense claims should be honest and reasonable and will be funded by the capitation assigned to the committee each year. The capitation comes from charitable funds and is a portion of each membership in the area, as such it may be limited. If your committee runs out of capitation please discuss this with the Volunteer Manager. The Volunteer Expense Policy goes into detail about what constitutes an expense and how to claim expenses back and should be read and followed by all volunteers. 

Expense Policy

The form below can be used to claim your expenses and should be handed or emailed to the Treasurer of the committee you are claiming expenses for. If you are a Welfare Adviser an expense claim form and a completed copy of the committee report form should be submitted to your treasurer. If you are claiming expenses from outside your committee the same process should be followed but please contact HQ for the contact details of the relevant committee. By submitting the report form it confirms that you have travelled to the relevant concern and helps to prevent any delays. 

Volunteer Expense Claim Form

BHS committees are currently working to transfer all committee funds to the Unity Trust Bank. This is a bank chosen by the charity after substantial research and deliberation and the decision has been ratified by the Trustees. The bank has experience of working with charities and has extensive experience of managing committee funds, this along with their high level of customer service made them the best choice for BHS committee accounts. The documents below provide some support and explanation for these changes. The Finance Role Coordinator and Volunteer Manager are also available to provide support and answer any questions that arise. 

Project 2026 – Volunteer Expenses Payments

Volunteers who have researched and submitted eligible DMMO applications are able to claim a standard payment of up to £100 per application as a contribution towards their expenses incurred in making the application(s). Further information and a downloadable form can be obtained here.

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