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Communication of your activities as volunteers is an important part of raising awareness of your work both with the general public and with BHS members and employees.

The expectations and limitations for volunteers about how they communicate with the press, general public and members of the BHS has changed quite considerably over the last two or three years. This is set to change even further in 2018 with the introduction by the government of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into law in May 2018. The documents below will help ensure you stay within the law but will also clarify where you can get support for what you are doing. 

We now have a full Marketing and Communications Department at HQ, this includes several employees who are qualified and focused on getting stories about the BHS into the press and employees who are focused on raising the BHS profile, our campaigns and our work on social media. The policies below provide guidance on know how to keep yourself safe on these platforms and ensure you don't inadvertently undermine or damage the reputation of the BHS

We have policies surrounding communication. These will provide guidance and clarity for all volunteers about what, where and how you can communicate and will hopefully ensure you stay on the right side of the law.

Communications and Social Media Policy

Press and Media Policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union regulation that will be effective from 25 May 2018. 

GDPR - British Horse Society Information Note

Photo Permission
The laws around the use of images of people are changing. For now use the form below if you are taking pictures of children or if the pictures you take will be used online or in publication. If the photo will be used by your committee only then the form should stay with the Communications Officer, if the photo will be used by an employee then please send the form to the Volunteer Manager. 

Once we are clear on the implications of GDPR, HQ will issue the correct documents and protocols to ensure the BHS is compliant.

Photo Permission Form Nov 2017 

The form below is particularly to be used if your are photographing children under 18 as this requires parental permission. 

Parental Consent Form for Photos of Children 

If you are taking pictures at the event please share our Image Guidelines with your photographer. As you can imagine with the BHS being active in Education and Welfare and so many other areas of the equestrian sector people have a high expectation for us. The image guidelines help us ensure that all pictures we use in promotional materials or on social media have been checked and demonstrate the best of equestrian care. Any questions about these can be directed to your National/Regional Manager or the Communications department at HQ.

Image Guidelines FNL

Our BHS Communication Officers and other committee volunteers may need to promote the work they are doing or specific events coming up during the course of the year.

Below you will find posters you can download and fill with your event details. These can be amended and printed and provide a template for the kind of content and pictures that might help your promotion. Your National/Regional Managers have posters for the Platinum year that may be relevant, these are not currently for general use so contact them directly for access.




Platinum Year 2018
For our Platinum year there are additional booking forms and poster templates available. Please only use these during the course of 2018, our Platinum year.

Platinum Year Briefing Note

Platinum Equestrian Event Booking Form

Platinum Poster Template

Facebook Header

Platinum Year Logo

Annual Report
Each year we ask our volunteer committees to create an Annual Report, this might be done locally or regionally. This is a great opportunity to share with BHS members what you have been doing in the area and key facts and figures (like the number of people who have attended your events, the number of members who have joined, how many events you have put on and some success stories for Access and Welfare). These reviews can be distributed through the British Horse Magazine via your National/Regional Manager.

It would be helpful for Communications Officers to gather information through the year and create copy for your Annual Review. Please send pictures and copy to your National/Regional Manager, if you have the skills to help create the review let your National/Regional Manager know. 

Press Coverage
Our PR department works hard to find ways to integrate BHS work and priorities into current stories in the press. This increases the chances of our stories being picked up by the press, both locally and nationwide. Obviously the more coverage we get the more support we receive for our work, from the equestrian community, from the general public but also with government and partners. Below are reports our PR team have created from high profile media campaigns or focus weeks that detail what coverage we have achieved. 

National Safety Week - Running for a week each year in November this is a great opportunity to raise awareness of our Dead or Dead Slow campaign, our Ride Safe Award and many of the challenges equestrians face each day that present potential for danger for humans or horses. 

Road Safety Week 2017 Coverage Report

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