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Additional Information

This folder contains some additional documents that used to be on the previous Volunteer Resources Page. Please do be aware that these have not been updated since their creation and might not be up to date. They will be reviewed as soon as possible and then placed in the appropriate folder.


Many of our BHS committees hold raffles at their events, these are a very successful fundraising tool when done well.

BHS Raffle Guidelines 2014 


Several of our committees have had sponsorship for their events locally and regionally, this can be a great way of reducing the impact of an event on committee finances, helping to pay for a big name speaker, providing prizes for competitions or getting additional fundraising

BHS Sponsorship Agreement Template for Volunteers 

BHS Sponsorship Guidance for Volunteers 2015 


Several of our committees put aside money each year to provide bursaries for people wanting to take partake of BHS qualifications. The bursary amount can vary depending on the committee's financial situation and the cost of the qualification.

Committees should always ensure the bursary will be fulfilling BHS charitable objectives (page 3 of Volunteer Handbook) and will provide benefit where needed. For example providing support to people who would otherwise not be able to afford to take their qualifications.

Some committees choose to provide several bursaries of £200 each to different candidates, some just one single payment, others grade their payments into 1st , 2nd and 3rd. Candidates may be asked to do something for their bursary, perhaps writing a short essay about why they should receive it or how it would make a difference to them. Candidates can absolutely be encouraged to volunteer for the BHS however this must not be negotiated as part of the bursary payment as this could be construed as payment for time, which crosses a legal line.

The documents below do need updating so please work with your National/Regional Manager and the Finance team along with the Volunteer Manager if you wish to provide a bursary.

BHS Local Committee Bursary Guidance Note 2015 

BHS Local Bursary Application Form

British Riding Clubs

The BRC or British Riding Clubs is connected to the BHS and run from BHS HQ. Riding clubs are almost entirely volunteer run but do have support for their events and championships from the BRC team within the BHS. The map below shows how their areas are organised. There is more information about BRC on the website.

BRC Area Map Includes Area Commitees 2015 

Annual Awards

These awards are to recognise the partnerships, commitment and achievements of the individuals, groups, volunteers and organisations who support the BHS. To promote the work of the Society and its supporters to a wider audience.


AAAwards Nomination Form 2018 updated

AA All Awards nominated 2018 onwards updated


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