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Horse Owner's Certificate

The Horse Owner's Certificates are offered at four levels of knowledge with regard to the care and management of the horse. Although primarily aimed at the first time horse owner, parents of horse owners or potential owners, they are available to anyone interested in the care and welfare of horses. Each level will be assessed in the form of a written paper, which should be completed under examination conditions with an adjudicator present.

The person who takes overall responsibility for the training and the course must be a member of the BHS Register of Instructors. During the course the instructor will follow the syllabus appropriate for each of the levels.

The examination papers will be set and marked by the registered instructor in charge of the course. The pass mark for each Level is 60 percent and successful candidates will receive a certificate for each level attained. All certificates will be sent to the instructor, who will forward them on to candidates.

There are distance learning courses available from Lingfield Correspondence and Equine Distance Learning.

Recommended reading

As well as taking a course we have a list of recommended reading to support you through the course.

How do I apply for the Horse Owner’s Certificate?

Candidates are strongly advised to check with the BHS that their instructor is BHS Registered before beginning a Horse Owner's Certificate course.  

If you are interested in gaining your Horse Owner’s certificate, you can find a Registered Instructor in your area who teaches the syllabus.

You can also contact an Approved Centre, agricultural college, riding school or local education authority to see if they are running a course. 

I am a BHS Registered Instructor - how do I run a Horse Owner's course?

Please contact the BHS Examinations Department with your membership number on 02476 840508 or email

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