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Exams and Qualifications


Our examinations system is one of the best and most widely respected in the world. Our progressive route encourages you to continue, leading from beginner level to world class qualifications.

The advice, guidelines and syllabus for every level mean that you can be sure of what you'll be asked to do and also be sure you're making the right choice in taking your exams with us. Once you're qualified, you can also attend professional development events to push your skills even further.


Professional Qualifications

Stage 1

Stage 1

Stage 1 is the first step on the professional ladder and shows you have the competencies to apply basic principles of horse care.

Stage 2

Stage 2

Stage 2 will provide you with competencies to apply general principles for the management of horses’ health and well being.

Stage 3

Stage 3

Stage 3 allows you to hone the skills you will have practised in Stages 1 and 2 and shows you have the competencies and ability to look after up to four horses in stables and at grass.

Preliminary Teaching Test


The PTT gives you the competencies to apply the basic principles of coaching and to improve the rider’s horsemanship skills by following a progressive plan.

BHS Assistant Instructor


The BHS Assistant Instructor Certificate can be awarded after achieving Stage 3, the PTT and completing a Coaching Portfolio.

Stage 4

Stage 4

Stage 4 shows you’re able to take responsibility for yard organisation, taking charge and looking after a number of horses and ponies in a variety of situations.

Intermediate Teaching Test


The ITT shows you are able to give safe and competent lessons from beginner to elementary standards without supervision.

Stable Managers

Stable Managers

This qualification shows you have sound experience and knowledge in all aspects of horse care and that you are a competent stable manager, able to supervise and train staff and students.

Senior Equitation & Coaching

Senior Equitation and Coaching

If you are looking to progress your career into Senior Management, you should consider sitting the Senior Equitation and Coaching Certificates.

BHS Instructor

BHS Instructors

Once you've completed the previous stages, the BHSI is the next logical step in your career. This rigorous exam comprises three sections.

Fellow of the BHS


From the day you decide to make horses your vocation, the Fellowship should be your ambition, your goal, and the jewel in your equestrian crown.

SVQs and Diplomas

SVQs and NVQs

SVQs and Work-Based Diplomas are for people seeking employment or progression in the equine industry and who prefer to be assessed on a continuous basis at their workplace.

Overseas Exams

Overseas Exams

Living or working abroad? We currently have BHS Exam Centres in the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and mainland China.



These qualifications are designed to raise the level of coaching skills throughout the UK. We run UKCC courses and assessments.

Equine Tourism - Ride Leader Level 2

Equine Tourism Exams

The first level of vocational qualifications specifically for those in the equestrian tourism industry.

Equine Tourism - Ride Leader Level 3

Equine Tourism Ride Leader

The second level of vocational qualifications specifically for those in the equestrian tourism industry.

Equine Tourism - Riding Holiday Centre Manager

Equine Tourism Riding Holiday Centre Manager

The third level of vocational qualifications specifically for those in the equestrian tourism industry.

Recreational Qualifications

Essential Horse Knowledge

Essential Horse Knowledge Certificates

Primarily aimed at the first-time owner, parents of owners or potential owners, these certificates are available to anyone interested in the care and welfare of horses.

Riding and Road Safety

Riding and Road Safety Test

Taken by more than 4,000 candidates a year, the BHS Riding and Road Safety Test helps educate riders in road safety in order to minimise the risk involved when riding on the roads.

Showing Qualifications

Showing Qualifications

In partnership with the British Show Pony Society, we've produced qualifications for Show Grooms, Assistant Trainers / Head Grooms and Elite Accredited Trainers.

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