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  • British Horse Society Sample Loan Agreement[doc]

    AGREEMENT FOR LOAN made on the 20[ ] PARTIES (1) [Owner’s full name] of [insert address] (referred to as the Owner) (2) [Borrower’s full name] of [insert address] (referred to as the Borrower) 1 LOAN 1.1 This Documents/British Horse Society Sample Loan Agreement.ashx

  • Advice on Loaning

    Loaning can be a great arrangement and work out well for all of the parties involved, including the horse. However, there can be a lot of problems and pitfalls if this isn’t done properly from the outset. Read our advice on loaning.

  • Important Information for International Competitors: New Tripartite (TPA) Agreement

    A revision of the Tripartite Agreement (TPA) for the movement of horses between the countries of the UK, Ireland and France comes into force soon, affecting paperwork requirements.

  • Livery Yard Agreement Guidelines and Example[pdf] Documents/Livery Yard Agreement Guidelines and Example.ashx

  • Buying and Loaning Horses

    If you’re thinking about buying or loaning a horse, the BHS can offer you a wealth of advice before you make the decision.

  • Loaning or Leasing a Horse or Pony[pdf] Documents/Loaning or Leasing a Horse or Pony.ashx





  • Free Leaflets

    Free leaflets provided by The British Horse Society, available to view and download.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Insurance

    Frequently asked questions about insurance provided for BHS Gold members and the insurance available to BRC members at affiliated events.

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