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  • Recovering from Atypical Myopathy: Joseph's Story

    Thursday 2nd November started out like any other day for three year old cob Joseph, who until this point had been enjoying good health. His owner, Sarah, keeps Joseph at her home, where he currently lives out with several other horses. Sarah’s...

  • Felling of Sycamore trees in relation to Atypical Myopathy

    Joint policy statement from The British Horse Society and Arboricultural Association It has been proven that trees provide us with many benefits and have a significant role to play in our own wellbeing, recreation and place making. Trees also provide...

  • Atypical Myopathy

    Read about atypical myopathy - a continued health threat to horses.

  • Atypical Myopathy

    Find out about Atypical Myopathy (AM) with a handy free leaflet from The British Horse Society.

  • Atypical Myopathy: Be Aware This Autumn

    With autumn fast approaching warnings are being issue to horse owners to be aware of the measures that can be taken to decrease the chances of horses consuming sycamore seeds and developing Atypical Myopathy.

  • Atypical Myopathy: Remain Vigilant this Spring

    After a worrying increase in the number of suspected and confirmed cases of Atypical Myopathy in the UK in the autumn of 2014, the BHS urges vigilance for the devastating disease this spring

  • Atypical Myopathy Remain Vigilant this Spring

    In the UK, 2014 saw a worrying increase in the number of suspected and confirmed cases of Atypical Myopathy throughout the autumn. As a result, the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has issued a warning to vets to remain on high alert for...

  • Welfare and Care Leaflets

    Free leaflets provided by The British Horse Society, available to view and download.

  • Talking Horses at Newton Rigg

    More than 50 local horsemen and women gathered to listen to an informative and illustrated talk from Rosie Scott Ward, Vice-Principal and Dean at Hartpury College and Sarah Lewin, specialist equine vet at Coomara Practice in Carlisle.  Allan Ha...

  • Be Vigilant this Spring for Sycamore Seedlings

    Atypical myopathy, also referred to as seasonal pasture myopathy, is a disease that can quickly debilitate a horse and can prove to be fatal in more than 75% of cases.

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