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  • Abandonment and Fly-grazing

    Everything you need to know about the legal aspects of abandoned horses, from Fly-Grazing to the Control of Horses Act 2015. Discover more here.

  • Laws & Legal Requirements

    We’re committed to supporting the best interests of horses and owners, and we work with the law and help our members to comply with the many requirements.

  • Healthcare and Education Clinics

    The BHS is taking a proactive approach to tackle the UK's horse crisis. Our clinics offer a castration, health checks, passports, microchipping, dental checks, worming & hoof care, as well as education, advice & support.

  • Tethering

    February 2020  Tethering is the practice of securing a horse to an area with a long rope or chain tied from its headcollar/neck strap to ideally a stake in the ground. Seeing horses tethered can be upsetting for many people. The BHS receives hun...

  • HorseQuest Arena Eventing Championships

    This championship will consist of a course of show jumps immediately followed by cross country fences, and will finish with the last fence as a show jump, the joker fence, which will be set at a discretionary 10cm higher than the rest of the course....

  • NAF Five Star National Horse Trials Championships

    Information on the BRC NAF Five Star National Horse Trials Championships.

  • NAF Five Star National Championships

    National Championships run by British Riding Clubs throughout the year.

  • Charities combine expertise to help horse owners cut costs not care

    Member charities of the National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC) have collaborated to produce two practical guides; one to help horse owners find ways to cut costs without compromising on care and another on making the difficult decision to rehome a ho...

  • Horse swapped for a video game: the reality of the UK's horse crisis

    The UK is in the midst of a horse over-population crisis, with too many horses and not enough knowledgeable owners to look after them, resulting in an increase in the number of cases of abandonment and neglect.

  • The British Horse Society Healthcare and Education clinics reaches 1,000 horses

    The British Horse Society would like to say a huge thank you to a number of organisations that have supported the clinics over the last three years – With thanks to: BEVA Trust, Zoetis, HAPPA, Well Equine, Bransby, Blue Cross, Redwings, World...

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