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Grand National deaths tragic

16 Apr 2012


The British Horse Society, the UK’s foremost equestrian charity responds to the loss of two horses in the 2012 Grand National.

Lee Hackett (Senior Executive, BHS Welfare) said: “The deaths of Synchronised and According To Pete on Saturday were tragic.
“We are confident that the racing authorities will investigate these deaths thoroughly with a view to securing any safety improvements which may be necessary. As with all equestrian sports, participation in the Grand National carries risks. Where these risks can be reduced they must be and the BHS fully supports the BHA in its work. However, we must wait for the outcome of these investigations before we comment on the adequacy of any proposed actions.
“It is worth remembering that the keeping of racehorses in training is very tightly regulated, far more so than for almost any other type of animal. Welfare standards are monitored closely. Sadly, many non-racehorses do not receive the same level of care and attention and live lives blighted by suffering and neglect; our 200 welfare officers see such cases every day.
“While we would not for one second seek to detract from the importance of the deaths of these racehorses, we urge those upset by the Grand National to join us in trying to make a difference to the hundreds of horses who are out there suffering right now. They may not make the headlines but their rights and needs are no less important.”

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