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Bits, Bridles and Backs CPD Day

26 Apr 2018 09:30 - 16:00

26 April 2018
Station Hotel Carnoustie (DD7 6AR) and Rowanlea Riding Stables (DD7 7SA) (mixture of presentations and practical demo sessions)
Open to everyone. 9.30am - 4pm

Costs: £30.00 / £20.00 for APCs  Counts as CPD for Accredited Professional Coaches.

Dr. Caroline Benoist Manager of Research and Education - Neue Schule Ltd.
Kate Hastilow (Master Saddler)
Jayne Faulkner Veterinary Physio

Chaired by Sarah-Jayne Bowers  - BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship, Stage 5 Teach and Care & Management.

Theme of the Day:

“Impact of ill fitting and badly maintained tack on the horse.”

Dr Caroline Benoist:
How the bit and bridle affects the horse as a whole, bringing in all her recent research. Also ill fitting bits, badly fitted nosebands and flashes etc. For Coaches - fit and suitability of the bit and bridle for their everyday clients. Poll pressure and tongue pressure.

Kay Hastilow:
Bridle and saddle fitting. The influence of warm blood breeding has lead to some common but painful problems with our horses. Also girths and saddle cloths, which are often overlooked.

Jayne Faulkner:
The common problems that arise from ill fitting tack. Talk will be based around a bit of the anatomy of the back & face/poll area, what happens to the tissues when they get pressure points or guard themselves against the ill fitting tack or incorrect use of it (e.g training aids).
Afternoon session – a demo on how to check the key areas affected by ill fitting tack – what is normal, what is a pain indicator, simple things that can be done at home to keep areas pain free & when to call in help.

Morning session (at Carnoustie Hotel):
Presentations from each presenter followed by an ask the panel q&a session
Afternoon session (at Rowenlea RS):
Practical/workshop style sessions in the afternoon followed by a session in the tack shop.

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