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Thomas's story

Thomas_Changing Lives through Horses  

"I am much happier and feel like I can do so much more now than when I was at school."

"I had a lot of difficulty learning in the normal school environment, as I find it much easier to learn in smaller groups due to dyslexia and dyspraxia.

I love being with horses, which helps me a lot. I have become much more confident in myself and with other people, as well as around horses. I am finding instructions easier to follow, my riding has improved and I have better co-ordination. I have made many friends, two of them being horses!

Yes (this has changed my life)! I look forward to every day on the course and never want to take a day off!"

Thomas Egan

"Everyone has noticed the difference in him."

"As Thomas’s mother, I have been so happy to see the wonderful changes in my son, which are all so positive! He is no longer looking down at the floor, but up and ahead at his wonderful, bright future.

It has helped him develop immensely into a wonderful person, and also academically. He is able to focus more and works so much better in a smaller group. He has been studying very hard for all his certificates, something he would have found extremely difficult to do in a school environment. 

Thank you so much to The British Horse Society and all at Carrington Riding Centre, we will always be grateful for this opportunity that has been given to Thomas."

Rachael M. Egan (Thomas's mother)

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