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Melissa's story

 Melissa_Changing Lives through Horses 

"Melissa feels more like a normal teenage girl around the new friends she has made in the stables and in the programme."

"Melissa's time learning with Ali on the Changing Lives through Horses programme has been one of the best things to happen to her. Having such a rough start to her teenage years due to her disabilities, she was very low on hope and positivity which was mirrored by the rest of the family. 

She wasn't able to attend mainstream education due to her disabilities, and at first I was worried as to whether she was going to be able to cope with the four-hour long days. However she soon put my mind at rest, especially as Ali is very conscientious looking after Melissa when her symptoms come on. 

It wasn't long before we saw massive improvements in Melissa's mood, and physical capabilities after starting the programme.

She began to wake up and look forward to the day ahead, which hasn't happened for her in a few years.

Melissa's stamina has increased hugely, and she has taken to riding and horses like a duck to water.

Most importantly, she is now starting to talk about her future as an adult and how she wants to keep working around horses. Seeing a future for herself is something she would never do before - she assumed she would be confined to the house and possibly a wheelchair later on."

"All this has changed thanks to The British Horse Society and the love and care of all the staff at Carrington Riding Centre."

Clair Graubner

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